American Poetry in the Age of Whitman and Dickinson

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…to buy my book Simulcast at half price. It’s a work of conceptual art disguised as literary criticism: all of the writing (apart from the introduction) is based on a source text. The ostensible subject is modern and contemporary poetry, but there’s a nineteenth-century angle too: a good chunk of the book is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s literary criticism.


The University of Alabama Press is proud to offer a


on many of the titles found in its Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series.

Purchase any of the following books at  50% off the regular retail price.
(See below for pricing in USD and ISBNs required for ordering.)

To purchase a copy of any of these titles at the HALF PRICE discount offer, good through August 30, 2009, just call our warehouse in Chicago toll-free at (800) 621-2736 or locally at (773) 702-7000 and mention sales code MCPRS01.

As always, we invite you to forward this e-mail to any of your colleagues who you think might be interested, or suggest names and addresses to which we should send future mailings. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at or 205-348-1566.

For more information on these and other titles in the Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series, visit our website at

Rebecca Todd Minder
Electronic Marketing, Advertising, and Exhibits Manager
The University of Alabama Press
Box 870380, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380
205.348.1566 * 205.348.9201 fax

Led by Language by Rachel Back
(paper, ISBN 0-8173-1132-7): $27.50 $13.75

Simulcast by Benjamin Friedlander
(paper, ISBN 0-8173-5028-4): $29.95 $14.98

Another South by Bill Lavender
(paper, ISBN 0-8173-1241-2): $28.95 $14.48

The Point Is To Change It by Jerome McGann
(paper, ISBN 0-8173-5408-5): $32.95 $16.48

Syncopations by Jed Rasula
(paper, ISBN 0-8173-5030-6): $29.95 $14.98

Hart Crane by Brian M. Reed
(paper, ISBN 0-8173- 5270-8): $35.00 $17.50

A Poetics of Impasse by Susan M. Schultz
(paper, ISBN 0-8173-5198-1): $36.00 $18.00

Louis Zukofsky by Mark Scroggins
(paper, ISBN 0-8173- 0957-8): $27.50 $13.75

What Is a Poet? by Hank Lazer
(paper, ISBN 0-8173-0326-X): $29.75 $14.88

All prices are in U.S. Dollars / Canada residents add 7% GST / International shipping: $8.50 per book
Domestic shipping: $5.00 for the first book and $1.00 for each additional book

Offer expires August 30, 2009 Sales Code: MCPRS01

Written by Ben Friedlander

August 28, 2009 at 12:33 am

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